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CollabDeen kicks off iHalalExpo 2020 on Mobile Platform

ihalal expo

First virtual International Halal Expo inspired by COVID-19, the New Normal

To help Halal SMEs globally recover and grow from Covid-19 lockdown, iHalalExpo will showcase and empower all Halal Ecosystem stakeholders globally on one platform for ongoing collaboration opportunities worldwide showcasing Halal products & services from around the world in a unique, first of its kind format mimicking the real world Halal Expo for a great Expo-Experience.
Dr. Hani Al-Mazeedi and Mohammed Noor founded iHalalExpo, first of its kind Expo organised by HalalTradeZonewhich is a Halal B2B powerhouse, in a strategic partnership with CollabDeen, a technology platform focused in B2C collaboration. iHalalExpo is run for 4 months betweenAug 15, 2020to November 30, 2020.

The motivation to organise a virtual expo came after successfully conducting iHalalConference which was the first virtual conference for the global Halal industry organised between 6th of April 2020 to 8th of April 2020. The first edition of iHalalConference had 19 presenters from 12 countries presenting on various topics related to Halal economy.
iHalalExpo is conducted under the patronage of H.E. Mr. İhsan ÖVÜT, the Secretary General of SMIIC (Standards and Metrology Institute For Islamic Countries), OIC (Organisation Of Islamic Cooperation). As a standardization body of the OIC, SMIIC has supported iHalalExpo to facilitate the increase of the intra-OIC trade as stipulated in the OIC-2025: Programme of Action without taking financial benefit from the organization of iHalalExpo.

“With iHalalExpo on Mobile platform – there is no limit and no boundary for innovation. We can now leverage the best of physical activities through virtual capabilities to connect all halal businesses, leaders and stakeholders every day before, during, and after our events. CollabDeen will enable us to use cutting edge technology to communicate in a way that is a total gamechanger for this Halal Ecosystem. This will allow us to collaborate on a global scale, unlike anything we have been able to do up till now in Digital Islamic Economy,” said Fateh Ali, Co-founder of CollabDeen.

“I am excited to work together and partner with Government bodies, Halal SMEs, Halal Certifying Bodies, Start-ups and some exciting Islamic Fintech companies to empower Halal SME, Halal Certifying bodies, Government, Islamic Fintech companies, Start-ups, business leaders, and Influencers by empowering individuals and organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate to solve B2B sector challenges in the Halal ecosystem with virtual expo. Every sector can easily and quickly share their ideas with every stakeholder live or on-demand engagement for unlimited joint opportunities and collaboration worldwide,” said Mohammed Noor, Founder of iHalalExpo.

CollabDeen, is a Singapore deep-tech, AI-Powered Mobile Platform for Community Collaboration. Revolutionizing the way how communities organize themselves, share knowledge and information, and collaborate with their people. Reinventing O2O2O (Online to Offline to Online) digital collaboration in the Global Islamic Economy (est. US$3.8 trillion) bringing Faith and Lifestyle on one single platform.

The Main Objective Of iHalalExpo

The main objective of iHalalExpo is to provide a virtual Expo platform for Halal businesses in this global COVID pandemic crisis situation.So Halal businesses can find New opportunities to recover and grow their businesses. iHalalExpo has made it easy to showcase Halal products and services at a fraction of cost of participating in physical expos and the organisers made participation very affordable with 2 different packages of which the base package is provided for free to Halal start-ups and individual consultants and exhibitors having full value for USD 1000 for Pro values to exhibit globally.

How will iHalalExpo benefit its participants?

iHalalExpo reinvents the traditional trade show and leads generation industry with a focus on digital transformation for all vertical in the Halal Industry connecting all partners and customers for daily collaboration and organic traffic.iHalalExpo will benefit participants from all Industries such as, Halal Food & Beverages, Halal Ingredients, Halal Cosmetics, Modest Fashion, Halal Travel & Tourism, Islamic Finance, Halal Shipping & Logistics, Healthcare & welfare, Halal Digital Economy, Islamic Knowledge, Education & Training, Halal Auditing & Certification

Providing very affordable virtual expo format which will be both onwebsite and on CollabDeen mobile app. The participants will benefit from global exposure of their products and services for a period of 4 months and participants will be provided with dedicated support for business matching and online retailing of their products with partner platforms.

How it works and what are its features?

Features showcasing Business profile (virtual stall) on web and mobile app, adding corporate videos and product catalogue with unlimited products, Unlimited posts and engagement on Mobile App, Share product videos, product catalogue on Mobile App with great opportunity to build your global followers and engagement.

Some special new features being build and will be available with B2B groups chat – Imaging all Halal Travel B2B and consumers in one virtual room, speaking in different language with a real-time translation available to all. All Halal certifying bodies globally collaborating in one group. Its going to be fun.Exhibitors being placed on the web and mobile platform under respective country pavilions.Consumer chat engagements directly with exhibitors is being launched only on iHalalExpo (not available for other CollabDeen users yet). At the end of the expo, Imaging exhibitors get a complete analytics with stats about your engagements during iHalalExpo, the number of new leads, visitor countries, gender, age groups, chat engagement and much more. Opportunity to build up an email list worth andgenerating emails from your business community followers.

iHalalExpo team will also run events, conferences, panel discussion and more, and not to miss the dedicated support for B2B business matching. Options for exhibitors to create and run your own event under your CollabDeen Business communitywhere your event gets listed under globaliHalalExpo Section of CollabDeen App. Above all, you are getCollabDeen Pro version licensefor Free, for a 6 months worth 894 USD ($149/m)
The virus has made it clear: the future is now. The COVID-19 crisis has shone a harsh spotlight on a range of Halal Economy’s development challenges, and the choices the business and consumer world makes now in its path to recovery will shape the trajectory of sustainable development for years to come. If you are a Halal business then participating in iHalalExpo will provide your business a global and local exposure– Let’s be new normal

Mobile engagement experience on CollabDeen platform is Live here: https://deen.app/449EzgAfE8 you will need to download CollabDeen App to experience it.

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