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Frauds in the name of Shariah Compliance

Saif Alam SiddiquiBy: Saif Alam Siddiqui

Halal or permissible is the portfolio of things, intention or affairs which Allah has made legal for the entire humanity to derive maximum from His bounty.

The growing trend in Halal conscious amongst Muslims has led to the emerging of HALAL certification agencies in India and worldwide, and all these agencies have their own interpretation of Islamic jurisprudence and their own motives. As the Quran and Hadith are common so there should be no logic behind the difference in jurisprudence.

Several financial and other frauds in the name of Shariah Compliance has made HALAL a faith-based Scam in which the companies deliberately use Islam and its associated terminology to attract most to fulfil their greed.  As per my opinion, the main culprit behind all these chaos are the Islamic scholars and their self-acclaimed Halal certification service, they make hefty money by sitting in their comfortable chambers.

Recently a Banglore based Halal Ponzi Scheme run by I Monetary Advisory (IMA)  have put over 200 investors in falter,  the expected scam was expected worth over 300 crores, another scam by Hyderabad based Heera Gold Group is an unfortunate example of Halal based scam in which the scam was worth  Rs 3,000 crore, and the number of victims is around 1.72 lakh. There are lots of example regarding these types of fraud.

By just issuing certificate and endorsement by greedy Scholars doesn’t make something Halal if the Creator has endorsed it Haram. People are losing faith in Halal certifications nowadays. By Issuing Halal certification to Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali group by Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (JUH), have vanished the credibility of Halal certification. Everybody knows about Patanjali and its products which promote the use of Cow urine and other non-halal ingredients, and this is not a coincidence, as this Halal certification body run by an Ex-MP Mahmood Madni who is a close ally of current BJP-RSS ruling government.

There are lots of Halal certification fraud which are unnoticed. Does a question mark arise? Why this is happening? as Islam always promote the best for humanity. In my opinion, Developing a centralised based Halal certification institution backup by honest Scholars is the need of the Hour to promote the welfare and to restore the credibility of Halal certification.

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