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MWL to launch website for halal in over 20 languages

Muslim World League (MWL) to launch website for halal in over 20 languagesMakkah : The Muslim World League (MWL) has established the world’s largest Halal Center in Makkah, to be an international reference to whatever concerns the halal products.

MWL said it is in the process of launching a website for halal in more than 20 languages, in line with its efforts to restructure its Halal Commission and transform it into the world’s first brand of halal.

The Pan-Islamic NGO affirmed that it is the world leader in applying the halal terms, pointing out that it takes great care in the application of legal and regulatory standards, whether on products exported to Saudi Arabia or to countries with which the MWL has agreed to control exports.

MWL explained that it oversees all the stages of halal production and export, in order to ensure its institutional work in this field. It revealed that it has sent specialists and legal experts to a number of countries including Brazil, Australia, Canada, to directly supervise the halal industry, record remarks and take legal action against violators.

The League said it had received calls from many governments in Asia and Europe to be the authorized exporter of halal products to the countries of those governments. It added that halal agreements have been concluded with some of these governments, while agreements are at final stages with others.


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