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Dubai: A Gateway to the Opportunities

Saif Alam SiddiquiBy Saif Alam Siddiqui for Maeeshat

The Current Economic problems around the world and the global recession is attracting job seekers towards Dubai, as they found it favorable as compare to many other parts of the world. Job seekers are coming from almost every corner of the world, with the most common nationalities from Gulf countries, followed by South East Asia India, pakistan United Kingdom and many more Dubai is just like an international market now.  It is often compared and viewed as somewhere  to the International Financial centers like Shanghai, London or New York.  If we analyze  from the  prospective of Global recession of a2007 and 2008 the situation is better now there was a lot of scope for negotiation with packages and offers — budgets are being set to much more strictly. Packages in general are still fairly flat.dubai

The salary packages is fairly better  moreover even though Dubai may not be seeing high salary increases, it  is still better and reasonable as compare  to other parts of the world facing economic challenges.  the market had definitely been more challenging for job seekers since 2009, the companies  are less interested to expand their Human capital holding on to their jobs.  As the number of job vacancies had increased over the past couple of months and the market is probably more buoyant than it had been in the past.  It is a myth that The nationalization of jobs  on preference to Emirates citizen had impacted the chances for job seekers of other nationalities.  Actually the the business sector here has positive growth momentum as compared to other parts of the globe Even though more Emiraties (UAE Nationals) are coming into the private sectors the private sector is expanding in its full momentum and there  is enough market potential and obviously there is still enough opportunities for everyone. However, companies  are very cautious in their recruitment processes.  According to Survey  the world-class destination to live and work is Dubai followed by Abu Dhabi the best place to live in the Middle East and North Africa region  The UAE and other GCC countries are faring better as compared to countries of other regions

The job market is looking positive with a regional increase in the number of jobs available recently, and hiring digits for  this quarter  is exceed by two per cent as compared to previous quarter.  A Job Index Survey  reveled that 67 per cent of  Middle East and North Africa employers planned to hire this year  with multinational private sector companies hiring the most over the time to come.  The biggest demand is for junior executive professionals, followed by executives and coordinators, and the most in-demand graduates from business management, followed by commerce, engineering and computer science, Most of the peoples are coming here are just happy to have a job. The large majority of members are from South Africa, Pakistan, Bangaladesh, UK Australia and India, there had also recently been a rise in the number of Filipinos, expat Arabs and particularly Lebanese women.  The average age had also become younger 25 as compared to 35 before 5 years

Advantages of Employment in Dubai

Dubai is a multicultural place where people from all over the world come to live and work together. Because of the good employment opportunities and high quality of life there are many people in different countries seeking employment in Dubai.

Dubai does not merely often good salaries and a nice place to live. There are several financial and life style advantages that are available to the residents that make it a very attractive place.

The major attraction for people who have an employment in Dubai is that there are no personal taxes or income tax levied against salaries. Therefore, in that respect once you get your salary in hand you own nothing to the government. This results in more disposable income per capita.

Many industries in the Middle East and specifically in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offer a good chance of gaining employment in Dubai because of rapidly growing business. Some of these industries are telecommunication, information technology, construction, engineering, oil and gas, banking media and medicine. It is often confused that the

Is all hype about Dubai is true or is the United Arab Emirates just doing some very polished media advertising to show Dubai in a good light? Of course not it is fact and Dubai deserved to be in the International light..  One question always hunt the job seekers in Dubai there are general questions like “What should I expect?” These cannot be answered accurately or completely because working hours vary from one industry to the next. One thing that must be understood that employment in Dubai is not exploitative in nature.

Pay scales vary from industry to industry, just like in any other Country and are determined mostly by the nature of work. In Dubai manual work is not popular among the locals so jobs involve manual work or other employment opportunities that might not rank high socially actually pay quite well.

High-ranking jobs will naturally have much higher salaries and better benefits. There are also concerns about holidays entitlement, employee rights, overtime pay, sick leave and maternity leave. All these issues are well documented and follow strict, well established regulations. What this means is that the employee’s rights are well protect and there is no ill treatment.

Working in Dubai will mean exposure to great working environments and modern, futuristic, spacious, and comfortable office. There are many dining places and the public transportation system is well organized for easy movement in the city.

After a hard day’s work, expatriates who have gained employment in Dubai are free to enjoy duty-free shopping, the nightlife, sports, and other activities that Dubai is well known for.

For people moving with families, rental accommodation is easy to find. Residential areas are secured with very little crime. In 2002, United Arab Emirates permitted foreign residents to own property in Dubai. You can now own your home in Dubai.

Dubai has very high educational standards. All said, Dubai is a good destination for people seeking change.

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