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5th All India Minorities Business Summit 2013 going to held in Bangalore

Maeeshat Media Pvt Ltd is India’s first media house which covers the economy of Minority communities. It has propagated business magazine in Urdu language named “Bainulaqwami Maeeshat”. The Magazine in its cover story segment unfolds success stories of Entrepreneurs and Businessman from among this community as an inspiration for the youth.  It also endeavors to develop more entrepreneurs in the community and therefore has dedicated a segment for novel concept or ideas for business. The other foremost objective of the magazine is the financial literacy and thereby financial inclusion of the community. This community forms 20% of the Indian population and majority of them has secluded themselves from the Indian financial system owing to various reasons, the major being the lack of information and financial knowledge. Therefore, the magazine strives to infuse in this community, the understanding of the Indian financial system and the market. The magazine firmly believes that inclusion of further 20% population into the mainstream financial system would result into influx of funds which will act as catalyst in growth of Indian economy. To sum up every issue of Bainulaqwami Maeeshat consist of a cover story of an Entrepreneurs, World and Indian Economy news, Financial market news, Educational information of Indian Financial system and Novel business ideas.

Maeeshat Media Pvt Ltd has also launched an e-version (www.maeeshat.in) of the Magazine in English language in order to reach out to the General public. It is also planning to launch e-version of magazine in Arabic and Persian language in order expands its reach to the Middle East and Gulf countries.

Maeeshat Media Pvt Ltd also every year under its flag organizes “All India Minorities Business Summit”. The Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and Professionals from across India are invited to share their ideas. Also some of the leading personalities are felicitated for their valuable contribution to the society. This summit is a very good platform to connect and share respective business proposals. The tradition was started in the year 2009 and since then it has been pursued every year. Following the tradition this year too Maeeshat Media Pvt Ltd is organizing “5th All India Minorities Business Summit 2013” in Bangalore. Maeeshat Media Pvt Ltd cordially invites you to participate and share experiences, ideas and also to get connected.

For more info please contact on maeeshatmumbai@gmail.com

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  1. Kutbuddin Naikwadi

    Pl send details of your activities
    Gen Secy
    All India Muslim Think Tank Association

  2. When you say muslims as minorities it hurts my sentiments, it hurts because i dont want my identity to be described in numbers, i want my identity to be described by my faith, which says that i submit my will to Allah.

    If being a muslim magazine you are subjecting yourself to a derogatory sobriquet, i guess the rest of the world will feel justified in using the same word.

    I am not a minority, I am a muslim, I work hard, I compete with the best and by Allah’s benevolence I also succeed… I dont need a ‘bechare’ identity.

    However, I feel nice to see an initiative like this which brings out the interests of the community and recognizes their hard work. Keep Rocking..

  3. Assalam alaikum,
    First of all I would like to congratulate Danish bhai for this initiative, I guess we need a strong media which can bring this kind of activities and a platform to serve the community better….
    May Allah guide you in right direction and give success…

  4. My brother Tanveer, I completely agree with you….you are as strong as other communities. Lets try to do whatever we can to uplift people. May Lord Bless You brother :)

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