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The learning from global recession of 2009 has made the world community to focus on Muslim Business and Economy. It has not just promoted the allied businesses but also witnessed them flourishing and saw experts discussing the practicability of Islamic Economic System. India has nicely sustained through this phase and has been able to manage wide support globally. The Indian businesses have now started to expand their portfolio by introducing the investment plans based on ethical concept of Halaal and Haraam.

At www.maeeshat.in we intend to introduce and promote the businesses in the Minorities especially Muslim world who distinguish themselves with respect to Halaal and Haraam. From its very beginning this journal/website has convinced Muslim industrialists and businessmen to strengthen the Indian economy and make their relationships more flourishing with other corporate.

We have an editorial team of distinguished market observers and economic analyst who keep an eye on the global financial markets. We at (MaeeshatBainulaqwaami Maeeshat, India’s first Magazine focusing Minorities Business and Economy) help people to add more value to their business with expert advice and consultation services on the subjects of finance, Islamic finance, banking, Islamic banking, halaal products and evolving shari’aa products.

For Editorial : maeeshatmedia@gmail.com

For Administrative enquiries: maeeshatmumbai@gmail.com

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