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UNWHD Announces World’s 1st Halal Certified Face Mask

Alnoora Press Meet 1SINGAPORE: On 11 March 2020, WHO declared Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak as a pandemic and reiterated the call for countries to take immediate actions and scale up the response to treat, detect and reduce transmission to save people’s lives.

WHO advises on the use of face mask for preventing transmission of COVID-19, wearing a face mask is one of the key factors to reduce transmission. It is now evident that face masks will be a part of life of every individual post this deadly pandemic. For the days to come and more we have to live with it as the people have left with no choice against Mother Nature on such natural disasters.

We can only prevent & protect ourselves with whatever we can and camouflage ourselves against such deadly viruses. In order to continue using the face mask which is now become a part of our day today lives there are many profitable organization who manufacture without safety standards and ethical way, but this is the time where the human kind has to stand together and help each other with the best they can.

This is the sole reason that we UNWHD at Singapore has come out with such an ethical and very human friendly & environment friendly face mask, which not only gives comfort and the best in the standards but also it is having zero effects on the skin, biodegradable with the best international quality standards.

World 1st Halal Certified Face Mask

“Al Noora”, a brand from FUJIAN HAITAI INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO LTD a manufacturer in China has introduced a face mask which complies with WHO standards, it the first-ever face mask in the world to get Halal Certification. A Special Greetings from Mr Mohamed Jinna, who is the dynamic founder & chairman of the United World Halal Development (UNWHD) who has dedicatedly created global awareness about the Halal way of life.

“United World Halal Development (UNWHD)” is a global Halal Consultant & Certification Company with its headquarters in Singapore, certified Al Noora face mask with local Chinese halal expertise to be Halal compliance. UNWHD identifies this mask to be safe and easy to breathe, no harmful chemicals are used and, the quality of this face mask is identified by verifying and testing the product’s raw material and ingredients. It also states the face mask complies with Global standards. UNWHD follows a stringent testing process to certify its product which complies with Halal Standards. Al Noora face mask has gone through such scrutinised process to attain Halal Certification, which qualifies to be utilized by individuals.

Singapore is such a dynamic country that always acts as a pioneer to take such new & advanced initiatives to attract new market opportunities & great advancements. It sets as an example to have such certified products to prevent people from falling for ineffectual products. Singapore is a leader to showcase such innovative ideas and it’s always been a front runner.

(UNWHD) Singapore strives to continue its solid commitment towards people’s safety and welfare. UNWHD is built on internationally applicable standards of practice, knowledge, and ethics encircling all businesses to offer quality products and services by the halal process. UNWHD vision is to extend the halal way of life to all businesses and explore new areas of economic growth of halal standards, certification, and practices.

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