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There is nothing like “Bollywood mafia”, BJP MP Hema Malini

BJP MP Hema Malini

BJP MP Hema Malini

There is nothing like Bollywood mafia, BJP MP Hema Malini makes it clear on which side of the fence she stands The war within the film fraternity and that too within those belonging to the BJP camp has flared up with the party MP and veteran actress Hema Malini stating that there is nothing like “Bollywood Mafia”.

Not only that she rejected the charge of nepotism and said that every one gets chance in the film industry if he or she works hard. In a way rejecting the charge levelled by another party MP Ravi Kishan and Kangana Ranaut, Hema Malini said that in the world of Indian cinema those coming from outside get equal chance to excel provided they work hard.

Though she was cautious in the choice of words and refused to state whether Ravi Kishan or Jaya Bachchan is right the famous actress said that it would not be appropriate to make sweeping allegations against Bollywood. Her reaction came just a day after the noted actress Jaya Bachchan hit out at Kangana by asking not to attack the industry which provides bread and butter to so many people.

“Jis thali mein khate hain us hi mein ched karte hain,” Jaya reportedly retorted to Kangana’s remarks against the film industry. At the same time she came down heavily on BJP MP Ravi Kishan’s remarks that Bollywood is in the grip of drug mafia. Needless to say Jaya is a Rajya Sabha MP of Samajwadi Party. Many other Bollywood personalities have in private or openly expressed their views on the way the whole industry is being tarnished.

Those politically inclined towards the saffron party too are a bit upset but are not coming forward as Hema Malini did. The war within the celebrities is likely to flare up as Kangana has fired fresh salvos.

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