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First year of Modi 2.0 filled with anti-Muslim agenda: Welfare party

Dr.Qasim Rasool Ilyas

Dr.Qasim Rasool Ilyas

New Delhi: Reacting on the completion of first year of the Modi government’s second term, Welfare Party of India said on Tuesday it was   “disappointing and disastrous” and filled with “tyranny and anarchy”.   Party also accused the government of “brazenly implementing Anti- Muslim agenda with full impunity and disregard of the constitution”.

Party’s national president Dr. S Q R Ilyas said in the first term as Prime Minister, Mr. Modi had undermined the judiciary, the Reserve Bank of India, the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Central Vigilance Commission and the Central universities.

While in the first year of the second term, the PM has blatantly and bizarrely played the communal agenda of Anti-Muslim sentiment, like a dictator with great impunity and scant regard to the constitution, he said.

Highlighting a list of laws passed during this period, he said the government demonstrated its  “totalitarian” and “ majoritirarian” streaks.

“The  triple talaq bill was passed in the parliament paving the way towards criminalization of Muslim husbands and a civil law given criminal provisions targeting a particular community with vengeance.

Next the government scrapped the Article 370, bifurcated and reduced the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories and arrested the democratically elected leaders, shut down the internet and phones in the valley and undermined the rights of the people. “

Later the government amended the UAPA to make it more draconian. Steps were taken to weaken the RTI act and undermine the independence of the judiciary, making the legislature & executive subservient with no debate, discussion or deliberations in the parliament and making the media a puppet to justify assaults on the democratic rights of the institutions, Welfare leader said.

He also accused the government of arm twisting and made Supreme Court to give Ayodhya verdict in favour of the majority community, in which the conclusion of the judgment did not match reason and could best be described as “thanedaar” Verdict.

Dr Ilyas pointed out that the Citizenship Amendment Act introduced by Modi government used religion as a factor to discriminate citizenship and to polarise the society, which resulted in spontaneous mass protest throughout the country. A communal pogrom was orchestrated in north east Delhi allegedly by BJP goons in which 53 people were killed and property worth crores of rupees were gutted. Unfortunately several activists (mostly Muslims) at the forefront of the CAA protest were arrested under the draconian UAPA and falsely accused of causing the roits, this despite the fact that the riots were overwhelmingly targeted at Muslims.

He observed that the Modi government has miserably handled both the coronavirus pandemic and the human catastrophe by imposing an unplanned lockdown which resulted in the suffering of millions of migrant workers & poor. The labourers subjected to humiliation and hungers were forced to take reverse migration and many losing their lives in the process.

He said the economic situation has further deteriorated with GDP steadily declining, signalling a deep recession, unemployment rate has increased many folds and demand slowly withering with people losing purchasing capacity and the government incapable to fix it.

Dr Ilyas concluded by saying PM Modi in 2.0 has totally failed in all fronts and has endangered the world’s biggest democracy by making our country an intolerant India and thereby tarnishing its image globally.

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