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What makes CAA Unacceptable?

Dr.Javed Jamil

Dr.Javed Jamil

by Dr. Javed Jamil

Certain TV channels are bent upon proving that nothing is wrong with CAA.

  1. Some have gone to the extent of asking why so much concern for Pakistani Muslims. The answer is: how can an Indian law be so much in love for Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan Hindus (and Christian, Sikhs and Buddhists) and so much hateful to the Muslims of those countries? Those who migrated from Pakistan to India did not do so because of religious persecution but because of other reasons. Pakistan is long known for aggressive campaigns against Muhajirs; and Muhajirs include both Hindus and Muslims, in fact Muslims more than Hindus. Why should we then discriminate on the ground of religion? And if Hindutva forces have the right to love all Hindus irrespective of their nationality, Muslims too have the same right for their religious fellows. But while Hindutvawadis are demanding rights for all except Muslims, Muslims are demanding rights for all without exception. The other option is to send all of them back to their countries and help them fight for their rights in their own homelands just as Indian Muslims fight for their rights in their homeland rather than migrating to other countries.
  2. When NRC begins, Hindus and religious minorities other than Muslims will have no fear even if they do not originally belong to India. In all conditions, they are safe. Muslims on the hand will have to live under constant threat, even if they are pure Indians, of their claim being doubted or challenged.
  3. Muslims are already facing substantial persecution in India on account of their religion. If Hindutva succeeds now, the future will see Muslims facing even more serious challenges. The good news is that the way Indian nation has responded, it becomes clear that secularism is alive in India. People of this country love to remain together and will remain United in the face of any attempt to divide India. CAA is a direct attack not only on Secularism enshrined in the letter and spirit of Indian constitution but also on secularism firmly embedded in Indian society. All religions will have to come together to make our country healthier, happier and more peaceful.

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