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Airborne security drill on RBI HQ startles Mumbaikars


Thousands of office-goers and pedestrians were startled at the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)’s headquarters here as internal and external security agencies conducted a full-fledged airborne security drill at the apex bank’s building.

As the onlookers gazed, initially with some alarm, on Thursday, a helicopter hovered above the RBI building shortly after noon when many had stepped out for lunch.

The security teams, comprising multiple specialised agencies, had set up a mock hostage crisis with orders to rescue and evacuate hostages safely from one of the floors.

As part of the drill, the fully-geared security commandos slithered down on ropes from the chopper, and onto the building, almost appearing like a scene from a Hollywood thriller.

It may be recalled that in real life, Mumbaikars had witnessed a similar evacuation-cum-extermination operation at the Chabad House in Colaba during the terror strikes over November 8-10, 2008.

Though mock-security drills are carried out occasionally at various locations including Mumbai Airport, this is the first time that a helicopter was deployed in the RBI drill.


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