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White House boasts ties with Israel to defend Trump diplomacy

White HouseWashington : The White House on Tuesday hailed its ties with Israel to prove the global popularity of the foreign policy rolled out by the Trump administration.

According to notes provided by the White House correspondents pool, Hogan Gidley, the White House deputy press secretary, told the media that U.S. ties with Israel proves that Washington’s foreign policy is beloved around the world, Xinhua reported.

“Israel. It’s Israel. That’s one,” he said during a flight from Washington to Greenbrier Valley Airport of West Virginia. “You’ve seen the relationship with Israel that is greatly enhanced because of this President.”

Israel “was virtually thought of to be an enemy of the American people in the last administration,” Gidley said. “I think he’s turned things around in a big way.”

He also boasted the controversial “partnerships on air strikes in Syria” on April 13, when US President Donald Trump ordered to attack Syria in coordination with Britain and France in response to the alleged chemical attacks in the nation.

The Syrian government has denied the accusations, saying the move illustrates again the Western nations’ disregard for international laws. Russia, Iran and Lebanon, as well as many West nations, have condemned the attack on Syria.

The foreign policy of the Trump administration, featuring dropouts from multiple international treaties and organisations and threats to slap tariffs on many countries and allies, has been lashed out at around the globe.

Specifically, Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and the opening of U.S. embassy there have caused global outrages and heightened tensions in the region.


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