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137 students of Rahmani Program of Excellence clear JEE Main 2018

137 students of Rahmani Program of Excellence clear JEE Main 2018By Maeeshat Desk,

Patna: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) published the results of the national competitive examination known as the Joint Entrance Examination for candidate selection to the engineering institutes on the 30th April 2018. 137 students of Rahmani Program of Excellence were successful this year where more than one million students participated in the JEE. Now, these 137 students will prepare for the coveted IIT seat via the competitive exam known as JEE-Advanced.

Rahmani students were able to achieve All India Ranks (AIR) of General 430/OBC-36, General 602/OBC-65, General 3271, 2690, 2742, 3779, 4902, 3276 among others, whereas state rank is expected to be number 3rd. Among the total appearing 182 students, 137 were successful with an overall success rate of 75%. 23 out of 23 (100%) students from Rahmani30 center, Patna were successful whereas 114 out of 159 were successful from its other batches. It is noteworthy that in 2017, 120 out of 144 Rahmani students were successful at this examination and 75 successfully qualified the coveted JEE Advanced examination.

Interestingly, 18 students of Rahmani30 Medical batch also attempted the exam and out of these 12 were successful. This is an unprecedented success and paints a very flattering story for Rahmani Program of Excellence and its learning methodology. These students will be aptly suited for fields that crosses medicine, surgery and engineering.

Rahmani Program of Excellence under Rahmani Foundation has been successfully replacing educational hopelessness in the community with the courage to dream big all the while demonstrating its proven method of success. Hazrat Ameer-e-shariat Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani, who is the founder of this nation-wide program stated that this is a result of consistent guidance and untiring effort of Shri. Abhayanand Ji (Ex. DGP Bihar), and sincere and continuous efforts of center leadership that comprises of the faculty, management and staff. He further mentioned that this result could not have been realized had the students and their parents not partnered with us, especially given our different model of education and training that seeks to convert students into learners.

Center Performance:
Units Total Students Mains Qualified Percent
R30 Batch-1 23 23 100%
Senior Batch 24 23 96%
MSAR30 44 38 86%
Wave-Medical 18 12 67%
Fazlani-R30 28 17 61%
R30 Batch-2 27 16 59%
R30 Batch-3 18 8 44%
Total 182 137 75%
NOTE: Wave-Medical will not appear for JEE-Advance.
Student List:


Aamir Sohail Md Imran Ahmad Muneeb Abduraheem
Aatif Mohsin Md Meraj Alam Muntaha Kamal
Abdul Muqutadir Md Misbah Ibrahim Mustafa Raza
Abdul Wahidur Rahman Md Monib Nafis Hassan
Abdullah Md Nadir Moiz Np Shammas
Abdullah Akram Md Osama Ansari Oqais Tanvir
Abdur Rasheed Md Rehan Osama Mohd Abdul Fattah
Abish Aziz Md Rizwan Hussain Raheeb Sadique
Abu Bakar Siddique Md Saad Zemam Rehan Ahmad
Adil Kazim Md Samar Siddiqui S M Shakir Hood Ahmad
Adnan Sami Md Shahnawaz Salman Ul Hasan
Adnan Shahid Md Shamshad Shams Saqlain Mokhtar
Afzal Khan Md Simdani Saquib Ahmad
Ahmed Abdul Rahman Md Touseef Raza Saquib Taj
Altamash Rahman Md Zaki Afaque Akhtar Sarfaraz Ahmad
Amdad Muhammed P.V Md Zeeshan Alam Sayed Uzair Ahmed
Ansari Abdullah Mossaddique Md. Abdullah Shabab Anwar
Arbab Karim Md. Abu Zaid Shadan Reyaz
Arshad Warsi Md. Adnan Ansari Shaharyar Sahil
Asad Maqbool Md. Afridi Shahid Siddiqui
Ashif Nawaz Akhtar Md. Atif Hussain Shahnawaz Ahmad
Ashraf Nawaz Md. Hanzala Sabir Shahper Zia
Atif Rabbani Md. Kasaf Shahroor Yezdani
Atiqur Rahman Md. Mohsin Kaleem Shahzadah Talib
Bagwan Ammar Javed Md. Mudassir Alam Shaik Siraj
Choudhary Mohammad Adil Md. Rabbani Shaikh Izhar Ashfaque
Enautullah Shamim Sayed Md. Safi Ur Rahman Shaikh Mohd Faizan Mohd Azad
Fahad Khan Md. Saquib Kamal Sibtain Raza
Faisal Ata Md. Shahid Ali Khan Sohaib Anwer
Fardeen Nayeem Md. Shahrukh Alam Suhail Akther. M.I.
Hadiq Rafjith Pv Md. Waquar Wasif Syed Adnan
Hafidh Farhan, S. Mirza Hamid Raza Mirza Khalid Raza Syed Kamran Ahmed
Ibrarul Haque Mohammad Abdul Hadi Syed Khurram Ather
Imbesat Ahmad Mohammed Abdul Muhaymin Syed Quayam Asdaque
Jairumi Mohammad Rashid Mohammed Abdullah Omer Syed Rayan Zaki
Kamran Razi Mohammed Adnan Syed Sufiyan Ali Yusuf Ali
Mahammed Fazal Khattal Mohammed Furqhan Ahmed Tarique Ahmed
Majhar Hussain Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Wajeehul Kalam
Md Aariz Mozammil Mohammed Masihuddin Waquar Haseeb
Md Adil Ahmad Mohammed Nadir Waship Rahuman
Md Ahzam Mohd Bilal Ahmed Wasim Anwar
Md Akhlaque Mohsin Ansari Yamir Ahsan
Md Ashhar Rahman Muhammad Adil. Ct Yaseen Ahmed
Md Dilshad Ansari Muhammad Kamram Khan Zeyaur Rahman
Md Enamul Ghani Muhammad Tahseen Raza Zia Ashraf
Md Faisal Muhammed Sinan K

Rahmani Program of Excellence has gone global this year. For the first time entrance examination were conducted in the United Arab Emirates. This is a great opportunity for these students to prepare for universities of national importance and seek their higher education in one of the top ranked universities in India.

This year Rahmani30 has launched Mentor30 program as it’s initiative to extend its reach. Under this program 30 graduates will be selected from across India and will be trained on Rahmani30 process of teaching & learning and will be on job with Rahmani Program of Excellence.

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