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AIMPLB reiterates its firm stand on Babri Masjid issue

AIMPLB reiterates its firm stand on Babri Masjid issueBy Pervez Bari,

Hyderabad : The All India Muslim Personal Board, (AIMPLB), the representative body of Indian Muslims of all schools of thought and all the organizations, has reiterated that it is firm on its stand on Babri Masjid issue and there is no change in it. Similarly, there is no change in the stand on non-interference in the divine laws of Muslims by the Government or any other quarter.

The above views were stated by Maulana Syed Mohammad Rabey Hasani Nadvi, president of All India Muslim Personal Board, (AIMPLB), in his presidential speech of the 26th general session of the Board here on Saturday.

Maulana Rabey Hasani Nadvi said the land dedicated for Masjid cannot be sold, gifted or in any way alienated, reiterating its earlier stand on the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi dispute.

It may be pointed out here that a day earlier in a statement AIMPLB had stated: “The All India Muslim Personal Law Board reiterates its resolution dated December, 1990 and January, 1993 and once again emphasises the basic level of Shariah that the land dedicated for Masjid cannot be sold, gifted or in any way alienated. If once dedicated, it vests in Allah. All the attempts to negotiate the settlements in past have been in fructuous and there is no proposal offering settlement without sacrificing the basic tenet has ever been put before the Board,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Maulana Rabey referring to divine laws in context to Triple Talaaq said: “No force on earth can change Muslim Personal Law as it is divine which has been formulated by the Creator of the Universe. Any attempt to impose Uniform Civil Code, (UCC), will create conflict in the society. The Almighty Allah made a law for the betterment and welfare of men and women. This law is by the creator and thus it is in tune with the human nature. It’s well balanced and has given status of respect and dignity to women. They are protected, safe, secure and satisfied. Divorce is not a problem but a solution to the problem. If a man and wife can’t adjust, they can’t be forced to live together for whole life. Talaaq (divorce) provides a way out. Allegedly in the name of showing sympathy to women, attempts are being made to snatch the right to divorce.”

Earlier, AIMPLB General Secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani in his detail report covered many issues concerning the Muslim community and the rule of law in the country.

In his report Maulana Wali Rahmani expressed concern over the threat to the personal law with the instant Triple Talaq issue. The report appreciated the stand of Opposition parties in Rajya Sabha, were the Bill on instant Triple Talaq was stalled. He requested the personal law board to suggest and guide the Muslims and asked the plenary session to evolve a strategy how to stop the union government move for passing the bill. In his report Maulana Rahmani stated that the government wants to interfere in the personal law matters which are guaranteed in the Indian Constitution and it is against in the spirit of the Indian Constitution and previous court verdicts.

Regarding the contentious Babri Masjid issue he elaborated the legal battle in the apex court. He said that the court already is of the view that the case is related to the title of the land and does not relate to the matter of faith or belief. He further said that the related documents had already been submitted, there are some documents which are yet to be translated, as per the court observation. Without naming anybody he further said that misleading rumours are being circulated, stating some elements are trying to misguide the people on Babri Masjid issue. He reiterated that the personal law board stand is that one’s a Masjid is Masjid. He said that we are ready for negotiations that should be based on fair justice and equal honour.

Referring to various cases in the lower and higher courts across the country, he claimed that the board is taking note of it and pursuing the matter with the utmost judicial conscious.

Declaring the Hyderabad plenary session as historic, he said that it is very crucial juncture were the community confronting with many issues with the bias attitude of the Government of the day.

On the issue of social reforms the report says that on the call given by the Board a lot of awareness is being generated in the community with movement call “Tahaffuz-e-shariyat-wa-Islahai-e-Mashra” (Protection of Shariya Law & understanding Shariya law and social reforms).

The report pointed out that eleven main issues pertaining to the Muslim community across the nation were approved for discussion in the working committee meeting as agenda for the plenary held last night.

About 500 delegates from over the country are participating in the 26th general session of the Board.

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