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100% of Rahmani-30 students clear National Stock Exchange Certification

100% of Rahmani-30 students clear National Stock Exchange CertificationBy Maeeshat.in,

Patna: Rahmani Program of Excellence, the parent body of Rahmani-30 has announced that 100% of students have cleared National Stock Exchange Academy’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) certification.

According to the representative of Rahmani Program of Excellence, this is first of the many successful steps that the center has in the plan for its commerce students.

Given the difficulty of the content and the effort required to clear the test this is a huge achievement for both students, and the local communities that require this skill-set but the market does not have the requisite quality. Obtaining this certification even before completing their senior secondary high school is all the more remarkable and adds to the market value of the students and the prestige of the organization.

The famous Rahmani-30 which qualified 75 students last year at the IIT JEE Advanced is the same organization that qualified 100% of its female students at NEET where 22/31 students were above 90% percentile. Creating a program for the underestimated and mostly misunderstood commerce program was not only a challenge but also a risk to the value of excellence that Rahmani Program of Excellence has come to epitomize. However, given the condition of the field, the management decided to establish a center and incorporate training that are usually postponed till after high school or even graduation. These extra courses include Chartered Accountant Foundation, NCFM Foundation besides others.

market liberalization and the resultant implementation of new laws have started to shift the perception of the society, and students are realizing the potential of this field. Rahmani Program of Excellence envisions a great value for its students in this education stream as these students will become the navigators of the financial engine not only their state but the country as well.

Rahmani Program of Excellence (Rahmani-30) has issued a communication to inform students, parents, and teachers that the entrance test for the new session of 2018-20 will be held on Sunday the 19th of November, 2017. This test will be open to both female and male students. This entrance test will be used to prepare students for the IIT-JEE, NEET, CA, CS, CLAT and NDA examinations. On behalf of Rahmani-30, this entrance test will be conducted in 21 states and more than 122 districts. Further information such as a list of centers, registration form, time of the examination, etc. are available at www.rahmanimission.org

Last date for registration for the session 2018-20 for class 10th in 2018 has been extended from 10th November 2017 to 14th November 2017 in accordance to the request made by Volunteers, Teachers and Principals of our Test Centers.

Hazrat Ameer-e-Shariat Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani Sahib has urged students, teachers, the administrators of schools and the testing centers to deem this competition as our collective step towards excellence in education. He correlated the year over year rising numbers of students who apply to Rahmani-30 as an indication of rising hope among students which is the true purpose of this movement. He stated that Alhumdulillah, students are feeling more hopeful and now have begun to realize that even they have the ability to conquer the toughest competitions such as the IIT, Medical, Olympiad and others. He appealed to the students to consider this competition as a celebration of excellence and to participate in it with the zeal to continue to raise our collective educational excellence.

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