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Aamir Khan keen to experience Turkish cinema, surprised to see fan following

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Mumbai: India’s one of the most respected Bollywood superstars of our time, Mr. Aamir Khan has shown keen interest in Turkish cinema. In Turkey on a special invitation, Mr. Khan addressed a press conference in Istanbul on Tuesday and said: “I am really keen to experience Turkish cinema and I am very keen to watch works of artists from Turkey.” He is touring Turkey to promote his latest film Secret Superstar that will be released worldwide on 20th October.

Surprised to learn about his huge fan following in Turkey, he said: “I didn’t know that in Turkey young people were watching my films. They kept inviting me and since then I [have said I] would like to come here,” he was quoted as saying by the Anadolu news agency.

Earlier, the Turkish Culture Ministry said that Mr. Khan had been invited to Turkey during which he will visit Istanbul and capital Ankara between Wednesday and Saturday. He is also scheduled to meet Culture Minister Numan Kurtulmus as well as Turkish film producers, actors and cinema students.

Asked if he will ever consider acting in Hollywood films, the Bollywood superstar, whose films have often hit box offices in India and worldwide, said: “Not actively. No.” And he offered reasons also. “I feel the American culture [is] perhaps very alien to me and I don’t know whether I fit into that, I don’t know whether I would understand the emotional key of an average American audience; I am not sure I understand it.” However, in principle, he said he cares more about the story, not the place from where it is coming.

“For me it is not important where the films [are] coming from. It could be from the U.S., India, Turkey, China, or Africa. I don’t care where the film is coming from as long as I love the story,” he said and added that he has got a lot of offers from the U.S. but so far he has “not really come across a script that I have been excited about”.

To a question about persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Mr. Khan said: “I think what is happening in Myanmar is very heartbreaking. Anywhere in the world when people suffer, anywhere in the world when people go through this kind of tragic experiences it is really heartbreaking and it happens all over the world at different times.”

Since Aug. 25, more than five lakh Rohingyas have taken refuge in the neighbouring Bangladesh. The United Nations has appealed for global aid to help Rohingya refugees.

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