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AIMIM 40-Point Action Programme for Mumbai City

AIMIM Office

AIMIM Office

Mumbai: (Press Release) On the instruction of AIMIM National President Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi MP, today Akbaruddin Owaisi Party Star Campaigner and Floor Leader in Telangana Assembly, has released an 40-points action programme for Greater Mumbai in view of BMC election, in the presence of Ahmed Balala MLA Hyderabad, Waris Pathan MLA Byculla, Abdul Rehman Shakir Patni Mumbai unit President.


1.All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen will strive for restoration of pristine glory of Mumbai and preservation and protection of its rich heritage. The party will work for establishment of a separate urban development authority for redevelopment of Old Mumbai (Island City) and improvement of civic amenities for its citizens.

  1. AIMIM will focus on sanitation and clearance of garbage. The party will demand the Government to construct a modern dumping yard away from the city. It will oppose the accumulation of garbage in the city. It will also strive for relocation of the dumping yard at Deonar to another faraway place.
  2. AIMIM will raise in the State Assembly the issue of early completion of water supply projects to ensure daily water supply in the city. Despite availability of funds, the water supply project works were not completed in the last two decades.
  3. AIMIM will demand tackling the technical issues affecting the 24-hour power supply by constructing new electric sub-stations. The party will also take up the shifting of overhead electric lines crisscrossing the residential areas in the city.
  4. AIMIM will seek opening of skill development, professional development and vocational courses in BMC schools. When the AIMIM corporators are elected to the BMC, they will compel the government to take up this work.
  5. AIMIM will also demand earmarking 20 percent of the BMC’s annual budget for education and employment schemes so that the construction of school buildings is taken up and more and more employment opportunities are provided to Mumbai’s youth.
  6. AIMIM will ensure that adequate steps are taken for the recruitment of youth from weaker sections and minorities, especially Muslims, in the government service, particularly the police forces. AIMIM will conduct classes for aspirants for police recruitment on physical fitness and written tests on the lines of the training programmes being run by the party the youth in Hyderabad.
  7. AIMIM will demand for provision of laptops to eight class students of all media in the BMC schools in the city. This will entail an outlay of Rs 60 crores in the Education budget of BMC.
  8. AIMIM will seek the construction of an Urdu Bhavan, alongwith Marathi Bhavan, for conduct of cultural and literary events in the city. The party will strive for the promotion of both these languages.
  9. AIMIM will demand higher quantum of funds from both the Central Government and the State Government for the development of Mumbai. The party will strive for release of funds for Mumbai under the Smart Cities project.
  10. AIMIM will stoutly oppose any hike in the property tax in Mumbai. The party will seek a fresh survey of properties. It will also strive for simplifying the procedure for building permissions.

12.On the introduction of GST, Mumbai will lose revenues of Rs 7,000 crores from Octroi. AIMIM will demand the government to announce Rs 5,000 crores package for compensating the loss to the BMC.

  1. AIMIM will demand reduction in the cess being collected for redevelopment of old buildings. The party welcomes the scheme for redevelopment of 10,000 old buildings in the suburbs. The party will ask the government to collect nominal cess to provide relief to the people.
  2. Measures will be devised to bring an end to the all-pervasive corruption in the all department of BMC including planning wing so as to provide big relief to the people. The party will strive for unveiling of a transparent policy for construction and redevelopment of buildings. AIMIM will ask to institute inquiries in various scams of BMC in last ten years.
  3. No works have been taken up for cleaning and widening of nalas (drains). AIMIM will draw up an action programme for cleaning and widening of 200 nalas in the city.
  4. AIMIM will seek steps for proper draining of the rainwater. It will strive for tackling water stagnation points in Mumbai on the lines of Hyderabad. The party will demand the Government to focus on storm water drains and allocate funds for these works.
  5. AIMIM will work for opening of a Night Bazaar in Mumbai to help small businessmen and to give a fillip to tourism. Tourists coming to Mumbai will get an opportunity to taste the local food and delicacies in the food joints at the night bazaar.
  6. AIMIM will ensure the protection of the rights and interests of the 1.5 lakh hawkers in Mumbai. It will demand the government to evolve a transparent policy for hawkers so as to provide them with licenses and identity cards.
  7. AIMIM will seek a strategic development plan for maintenance, construction and widening of roads in Mumbai. The plan will include construction of flyovers, wherever required. The government will be asked to focus on construction of multi-layer flyovers and skyways.
  8. AIMIM will also strive for a new scheme for junctions improvement and development of footpaths so as to provide security to the pedestrians and hawkers.
  9. Public transport network will be strengthened. Better sanitation will be provided near the railway stations. Bus services will be streamlined. Mini buses will be run. AIMIM will demand construction of a modern bus station.
  10. Efforts will be made for ensuring the health of the people. AIMIM will demand a hike in the budget for the public health wing. All the hospitals and dispensaries under the BMC, especially TB hospitals, will be modernised.
  11. For control and eradication of the mosquito menace, fogging operations will be intensified to immunise the people and prevent human deaths from ailments and diseases caused by mosquito bites. AIMIM will strive to focus on this aspect during and after the monsoon season.
  12. AIMIM will work for improvement and modernisation of streetlights with the introduction of LED lights for better glow and energy saving at the same time. This will help the commuters and ensure smooth traffic.
  13. AIMIM will present a comprehensive development plan for slum areas in Mumbai to the State government so as to ease the hardships of 60 percent of the city’s inhabitants who live in slums.
  14. BMC will be asked to set up mineral water (reverse osmosis water treatment) plants in slums to provide 10 litres of purified drinking water to each family. AIMIM is already successfully implementinga scheme for drinking water supply through RO plants in some slum areas in Hyderabad.
  15. AIMIM will strive for introduction of a scheme for providing meals for breakfast and lunch at Rs 5 each for poor persons and workers. The state government will be persuaded to provide subsidy in the BMC budget for providing the meals to thousands of poor every day. A budgetary allocation of Rs 100 crores will be sought for this scheme.
  16. AIMIM will work for construction of 1,500 modern toilets in different areas of the city so as to provide the basic conveniences to the people. This will help make the city clean and hygienic.
  17. AIMIM will demand opening of night shelter for women by the BMC. It will also seek schemes for economic empowerment of women through the urban community development initiatives.
  18. The scheme for installation of CCTV cameras for public security is most welcome. AIMIM will demand installation of CCTV cameras in all the offices of BMC and all the police stations in the city.
  19. AIMIM will seek measures for modernising all the markets of BMC. New bazaars and markets will be constructed wherever land is available for the purpose.
  20. AIMIM will demand funds from Central government for modernisation of all the slaughter houses (abattoirs) in the BMC areas. Emphasis will be laid on construction of modern slaughter houses in Mumbai on the lines of what has been done in Hyderabad.

33.AIMIM will work for introduction of a special scheme for weaker sections housing, especially for those homeless Muslims living below the poverty line, so that 70 percent of the Muslims and Dalits living in slum areas can get shelter of their own.

  1. AIMIM will seek construction of parking lots and parking sheds wherever land is available for such purpose.
  2. AIMIM will demand earmarking land for Muslim graveyards in the BMC area.
  3. AIMIM will strive for establishment of a civil services coaching academy for students of Urdu and other media.
  4. AIMIM will seek steps for launching an awareness campaign among the youth against addiction. A de-addiction centre will be established to wean away the youth from narcotics and other addictions.
  5. AIMIM will launch a vigorous campaign for removal of all illegal encroachments on wakf lands and properties by the government, BMC and private persons. AIMIM will ask to institute CBI inquire in the illegal dealings and encroachment of Wakf land in Mumbai as well as other parts of Maharashtra.
  6. AIMIM will also work for free supply of water and electricity to the poor households in Mumbai.
  7. AIMIM will seek constitution of a coordination committee to bring greater coordination between the BMC and other government agencies.

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