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Halal beauty products in Gujarat

By Abdul Hafiz Lakhani, Ahmadabad

Courtesy: muslimahbeautydotcom

Courtesy: muslimahbeautydotcom

Does your lipstick make you feel good about yourself? Considering that the ones available in the market are made using gelatin, alcohol or animal fat, many would disagree. Two Jain sisters, Mauli and Grishma Teli, from Ahmedabad have come up with the country’s first Halal range of cosmetics that adheres to Islamic considerations. Called Iba Halal Care, the brand has a range of Halal-certified beauty products made through pure, safe and ethical ways.

In Arabic, Iba means selfesteem and Halal means lawfully permitted. The sisters’ start-up, Ecotrail Personal Care, introduced 67 products under the brand to cater to vegans and clientele among Indian Muslims, who constitute the world’s secondlargest Muslim population. These can also cater to the needs of Brahmins and Jains, the vegetarian communities. The demand for these products is high in US, Russia, Germany, France and middle-eastern countries. Iba Halal Care cosmetics range includes face creams, body lotions, hair oil, shampoo, conditioners, lipsticks, kajal, soap, attar and perfumes.

The lipsticks, skin and hair care products are priced in the range of Rs 45 to Rs 300. In Ahmedabad, the products will be available through two exclusive stores — one in Mithakhali and the other in Juhapura. “The word Halal originates from Islam. We see a good market here in Ahmedabad. There is intense competition in the cosmetics business. So, we spoke to several people about what they thought of the existing brands before introducing Halal-compliant products,” says Mauli Teli, a pharmaceutical engineer and CEO and managing partner at Ecotrail. “Every ingredient is researched to ensure that products are 100 per cent free of non-halal ingredients such as alcohol, sulfate, paraben and mercury and animal-derived inputs.

Since people place a lot of trust in us, we personally overlook the manufacturing process,” said Grishma Teli, who has done her MA in Biotechnology and a course in cosmetic formulation. “Though I am married to a Muslim, I was not aware of the word Halal. It feels good to know that you finally have cosmetics that are safe,” said Sandhya Jariwala. They also plan to make it available online soon.

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